Alternative Ruger Scout Rifle, From Ruger

After posting about the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, I wondered if Ruger already had an existing gun that could fill the role of a highly versatile, lightweight .30 caliber rifle (as outlined by Colonel Jeff Cooper).

The Ruger Mini Thirty, combined with an Ultimak Forward “Scout” Scope Mount, weighs less than seven pounds, accommodates the use of forward mounted optics, and costs similarly (the gun goes for around $650, the scout mount is another $140) to the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle.

Ruger even offers a tactical version that features a threaded barrel and attached flash suppressor.

While it isn’t a bolt action rifle, it otherwise fits the requirements Colonel Cooper established. With the right optic and mount, the sights could co-witness (like the mount/optic combination on this Mini-14). With an intermediate eye relief scope installed, see-through mounts or a quickly detachable scope mount would allow the factory iron sights to be used when needed.

Mini Thirty with Ultimak M5-B scout rail installed. Photo courtesy Ultimak.

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