Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

We will be taking a much needed break from blogging to attend Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in early May. The staff will be attending the 4-day Practical Rifle and 4-day Defensive Handgun courses. We will try to update readers with pictures and commentary while attending, but don’t be surprised if the posts slow down for a few weeks. We have purchased a load of gear to use/abuse and review for our readers afterward. Since it will be our first time attending Front Sight, we will be sure to include any information we feel would be important for new attendees.

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5 Responses to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

  1. jon conners says:

    lets here about front sight….

  2. jon conners says:

    lets here about front sight. don’t leave use hanging

  3. LT says:

    cant wait to see what comes of this! have a good time staff!

  4. hyun says:


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