Griffin Armament M4-SD Tactical Compensator

Griffin Armament has released their M4-SD Tactical Compensator. It is priced to compete with the KAC Inconel Triple Tap and BattleComp 2.0 SCV.

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3 Responses to Griffin Armament M4-SD Tactical Compensator

  1. Austin says:

    21st Century Gunfighter and US Shooting Academy just reviewed the M4SD Compensator and two competing devices here:

  2. Austin says:

    We recently mass produced the M4SD-II compensator in an effort to make the price as attractive as possible. The new price is $84.95 MAP < this is the street price at and we are currently establishing a larger distributor network. Compared to Battlecomp 2.0, these are made from identical heat treated 45RC, 17-4PH Stainless steel, more quiet, 3-4 times stronger, more suppressor compatible, more duty in appearance for working guns, and 82.5% less expensive to purchase. Additionally we have 4 new muzzle devices in production currently for release in 6-7 weeks.

  3. Austin says:

    The comp is a great product at a great price- there are 200 in circulation today with no negative feedback. Test and evaluation and reviewers include Special Forces soldiers,, SMGLee, and a handful of 3-gun competitors. We’ve begun our second run and are improving the product at no additional price with a centerless ground outside diameter accurate to +-0.0002″. We’ve updated the manual which is available at and we are going to include M4-SD II stop washers with future M4-SD II comps starting in mid January. We’re also in the process of promoting an updated M4-SD II sound suppressor here:

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