BattleComp has released their BattleComp 2.0 SCV. According to their website,

the BattleComp 2.0 SCV has the same external length and OD as an A2; accordingly, the BC2.0 is compatible with most devices intended to integrate with an A2.

This would be great on a featureless rifle build and it is priced significantly cheaper than the KAC Inconel Triple Tap Muzzle Brake.

BattleComp also offers the original BattleComp 1.0:

And the BattleComp 1.5, an extended length version that can be permanently attached to 14.5″ barrels to make them legal length:

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One Response to BattleComp

  1. Austin says:

    21st Century Gunfighter and US Shooting Academy just reviewed the Battle Comp and two competing devices here:

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